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With a mission to transform the hair and beauty industry in Chennai, the Friends Beauty Care Training Academy is set to educate aspiring individuals in the art of hair and beauty. Our Training Academy is more than just learning about hairstyling and makeup. It arms students with the right technical skills, effective communication techniques and client management knowledge too. Our training academy offers a range of courses from a foundation course to a short two weeks course on specialized subjects. Our Training Academy also offers customized courses on hair, skin and makeup to meet individual requirements.

Enroll in our Training Academy and kickstart your career.

Course Duration: 12 Weeks

Our cosmetology program is fully comprehensive, from the beginning steps of learning the basics of hair cutting, coloring, styling, perming, relaxing and progress into more advanced skill sets that will allow you to create sophisticated, polished and current looks. Within this program, you will also have the opportunity to learn a great deal about Makeup, Skin Care and Nails.

As part of the Cosmetology course you will learn:

  • Advanced hair cutting techniques starting from basics all the way to creating sophisticated cuts.
  • Advanced Color applications such as color mapping and color corrections.
  • Advanced Creative Styling.
  • Career coaching with a dedicated staff member to monitor and guide you to a successful career.
  • Build you professional portfolio to showcase your creativity and talent while in academy.

Course Duration: 2 Weeks

This in-depth study of the art of airbrushing allows the student to become familiar with different airbrushing techniques and develop the skills needed to airbrush for both beauty and fantasy. It includes the use of the brush as a practical makeup applicator, as well as a tool to put on artistically expressive and colorful designs.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

This course is ideal for an artist who is already in the industry but would like to gain more knowledge and depth in this specialty. This course includes teaching proper bridal consultations and how to build a bridal business, makeup and hairstyle for: Specialty braid styles with flowers and ornaments, Traditional bridal makeup, Specialty hair bun Styles, modern Reception brides & Culture specific hairstyles how to create a palette of colors for the wedding hairstyling, photography basics and tips.

Course Duration : 4 Weeks

Ideal for the makeup artist who wants to thoroughly understand the tips and techniques of stage makeup for face and body, beauty makeup for stages(musicians and dancers). Glamour makeup for stage(extreme beauty with lashes and other accessories), theatrical makeup for stage..

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